FAQ / for Voice Talents

How do I get to you on the website?

Very easy: send an email to LoftVoicesTeam:

Hamburg: Claudia und Vanessa

Berlin: Nadine und Cass

Frankfurt: Geli und Nina

Why do I have to tag every single file?

In your profile, you describe your talents. Each individual file must also be found and named. So if you are e.g. a native, the user would like to find you in search. We only search for files, not for profiles.

How can I send my own profile by e-mail?

Your profile has its own URL - ie its own web address. You can find it in the address line at the top of your browser. Copy and paste them into your mail. A click will direct you to your personal profile.

How does it work with the Favorite-List?

Quite simply: You click on your entire samples (or a selection) the button “Merken” (the german word for “remember”). You can then name your favorite list with your name and copy and send the URL. You or the receiver can then remove some of your takes, which are not as well suited for its production.

I am a non-professional, but everyone says that my voice sounds so great!

A great voice is a good prerequisite, but is not enough. We do not form speakers, others can do better. If you think you can be a natural talent, call us and we'll take it from there

Text and Sound

If you select texts for your language samples, make sure that they fit into your content. The volume of your speech sample is also a criterion that is not to be underestimated in the competition. We regularly adjust the level to 89db.

Are there any costs for your service?

No - the presentation of the speakers on our website is free of charge.

What do you get from it?

The Loft Studios - together with other sound studios, speakers and also customers - have always used the high-quality perception of the speaker performance. We would like to help with our website to keep the fees reasonable so that we can continue to offer our customers an attractive offer with the best speakers.

Are you producing voice samples?

As a professional you does not ask yourself this question, since you know what to do. If you are new to the business and need help, contact us!

How is your website used?

Our offices use the language samples to supplement their castings. Agencies, sound studios and filmproductions also like to use our site, because it is very practical thanks to your help.

Who are your clients?

We cast roles for commercials on TV, internet, etc. for all large and small advertising agencies in Germany. Film production also belongs to our customers. In the lip-sync business, our studio in Berlin is very active.

How many samples may I upload?

You can upload any number of files. Remember, however, not to overcharge the user. He wants to get an impression from you and get to know your talent. Too many and long takes act unprofessional. A good mix of meaningful, short takes are a recommendation to the user - he will thank you!

What about the lenghth of a sample?

  • Each sample should be a maximum of 60 seconds.
  • Be careful not to make a large lead with e.g. to have music is annoying the user - he wants to hear you!
  • Avoid potpouries. Castings follow clearly defined requirements, the user is irritated by several takes in the same file.
  • Keep your offer clear. Multiple language samples with identical sound are superfluous.

Further questions?

Send us a mail - we're looking forward to it!  loftvoicesteam@loftstudios.de