Uploading your voice samples


Files work exclusively as mp3.


A video can only be included with a link to a YouTube/Vimeo entry. Simply copy the link from the YouTube/Vimeo video and paste it into the corresponding field in our upload area. All other settings work just like with the audio file.

Note: You can select either an audio or a video file during the upload - both together are not possible.


If your voice-sample starts later in the video, you can start the video right here. Navigate to the appropriate place in the video and copy the link as "Copy Video URL at this point".


Here you have to look in advance at which time the video should start. You can then enter the start time in the small field under the link. If you do not see this option click in the field with the link - then it should appear.

You can not change an already created entry afterwards. You can delete the existing one and create a new entry.


NEW! You can now show a YouTube video with you in front of the camera in your profile. We call it LIVE ACTION. Many of you are already working as actors. Do you have the talent to act as a moderator, presenter, influencer?

Simply copy the the last part of the YouTube link (https://youtu.be/py7_331_XTg) into the field in your profile - done. It's showtime!

With or without picture?

In the past, there were often concerns on the part of the speakers to present themselves with images. They wanted to prevent the occupational decision from being influenced by their own appearance. Today, we can clearly see that a picture is extremely helpful. It signals presence and immediately establishes a relationship with the listener. A good portrait makes the viewer feel the character of man. We recommend uploading a picture.

Naming the File

Please distinguish:

The title of the file will be the same as it was on your computer or when you got it. When uploading you can change it and only the new title will be visible on our website, not the old one.

With the new title in the upload area you can use all the usual characters.

However, your file should only contain pc- compatible characters. This is important for a smooth upload.

  • No umlauts (ä, ü, ö)
  • No spaces
  • No points other than before the .mp3 ending

An incorrect label would be e.g. "Thomas Mustermann Julia's story, a winter wonderland.mp3"
This would be correct: "Thomas_Mustermann_Julias_Erzaehlung-ein_Wintermaerchen.mp3"
Or even so: "thomasmustermann_juliaserzaehlung_wintermaerchen.mp3"
After uploading you can use the usual characters in the "Title Field".

Voices Sound / Stimmklang

First of all, this is about the sound, not about your actorial skills. If in doubt, leave this field empty.

Dark, Sonor, Sovereign / Dunkel, Sonor, Souverän
For particularly deep, voluminous voices. With fat bass.

Light, fine, delicate / Hell, Fine, Zart
A high pitch. The sound is thin and appears quieter than normal.

Markant / Markant
Your voice is unmistakable, you are immediately recognized by the sound of your voice.

Pushy / Plakativ
A powerful sound is meant here, very penetrating and present.

Very variable / Sehr variabel
If you have the deepest layers as well as high ones, your voice is very controlled. Then this category is suitable for you.


Select the genre that fits your audio file. A commercial you should call COMMERCIAL (Werbung) - even if it could be classified as a scene or an audio book because of the expression. A comment, which could also be an advertising OFF from the sound, corresponding to COMMENT (comment). Identify your file according to what it is - not what it could be used for. This task is done by the people who make the castings. A multiple selection does not help and should only be used in exceptional cases.

ACCent / Akzent

….maybe you can imitate a french accent in your german, for example? Feel free to register here.


Voice Age / Stimmalter

Meaning your voice age - not your actual age. In order to make it easier for you, we have built in a clear overlaps.

This is how we look at it:

  • Young 18 -30 years / Jung
  • Medium - (speak medium minus) 25 - 45 years / Mittel -
  • Medium + (speak medium plus) 35 - 65 years / Mittel +
  • Old 50 - 80 years / Alt

Language / Sprache

All languages you speak more or less fluently.

Native language / Muttersprache

Only the language with which you have actually grown up and which you have mastered in a mother tongue.


The place where you live. In addition to the City-Field the user is able to search for Voicetalents outside of Germany.

Sorting your Files

In the upload area you see your uploaded files on the right. They are sorted by date. The order of your files, which the user sees on our website, you can change in your profile - look here ...