We have put together some information on the subject of "Home Studio" for you. Weare concerned with the voice recording at your home - with rather small, but fine means. Many of your colleagues are already using these possibilities and maybe you have already given some thought. This page should give you a first impression of how to approach the topic. The Loft Voices Team wishes you a lot of fun!


How does it actually work with online production?

There are various ways of producing speech over the Internet. We introduce you to SessionLinkPRO here. It is a widely used technology that we prefer, which is particularly easy to use and works very reliably.


Look here then you know how to do it:

We have put together ONE production set for you

Good Sounding Voice

We are often asked how to make good voice recordings at home. Online production is also often an issue. Together with our cooperation partner THOMANN, we have put together a technology set. These are suggestions. There are innumerable variations and alternatives. Of course, you can simply add to your existing equipment ...

Our Professional Setup:


Neumann TLM 49

  K&M Tischmikrofonarm 23860 BK

K&M Popkiller 23966 XL

Audiointerface RME Babyface Pro FS

ab Windows 7, ab macOS Sierra 10.12

Mono Tube Mic-Preamp Universal Solo 610
Kopfhörer Beyerdynamik DT-770 Pro 250 Ohms
Mikrofonkabel 2 Stück Cordial CTM 1,5 FM-BK

Complete approx. EURO 3.659,60 inkl. VAT

The final price is determined by Thomann when an order is placed. Not all products may always be available.


If you have any questions about these products, call Thomann (09546 9223-30) or write an email to studio@thomann.de
Refer to the offer

Loft Studios (202017.932160)


If you get stuck call us ... ;-)


More than 50% of the sound

The Acoustics

The acoustics in the recording room are an important factor for good, crisp speech sound. The bathroom is therefore not so well suited, the bedroom with thick curtains, the bed and perhaps an open wardrobe is more suitable. Of course, a professionally equipped recording booth is best. There are also acoustic elements that can be mounted directly on the microphone. The models that are open at the bottom and at the top are only conditionally recommended.
The Isovox Mobile Vocal Booth V2 can be tried out ...

Look at this video Thomann-Seite.

Or drectly at ISOVOX.

An interesting test is available here  AMAZONA.de

two is better

The Safety Copy

In parallel to the online language production, you run a safety copy on your computer. The internet can cause disruptions. And if the best take has a technical error, it's a shame. There are various free programs that allow you to record in this way. SessionLinkPRO also has the option to save a copy of the recording session on your hard drive. The disadvantage is that you cannot visually control the recording process. An additional, external program is more convenient. But you can see whether the input is working and the recording is error-free. We also have a tutorial for this on offer ...