Your Profile

On your profile, you give the details that are firmly associated with your person. This includes your language skills such as mother tongue, foreign languages, accents, etc.

Select your language files according to their content. You can find out more about this under Upload or from our YouTube video.

Your own URL

Your profile has its own URL with which you can access your voice samples at any time:


A website only works if it's up-to date.

With the 5 stars and your lastest login date, the user recognizes that you are actively running and maintaining your account. This entry is done automatically.


Own Studio

Do you have your own recording cabin and the possibility to offer productions via ISDN or SourceConnect, etc.?
Please feel free to tick that in your profile.

Your Hometown

In which city are you available at short notice? Online productions are well known. But there are customers who want to see you live. And the dispatchers must be able to recognize this from your profile. In this respect, e.g. "Mallorca, London, Berlin" also not helpful ...

Sorting your Files

You can change the order of your files only in your profile. This is quite easy: click on the desired file and drag it to the desired location - done! A save is not necessary - the new order is accepted immediately and is visible to the user. The order you see in the upload area on the right-hand side remains unchanged by date. So you can always see which files you last uploaded.

Upload Service

Not everyone has a fast computer at home (but still a great voice !!!). We offer an update service on request for people who can not update their own profile. Prerequisite for this: You belong to the best of the best ... :-)